Aiborne Survey
Partial Discharge/Ultrasound Surveys

HVOTC perform Partial Discharge/Ultrasound surveys on High Voltage electrical systems. When electrical apparatus such as switchgear, transformers and cable joints/terminations fail, the results can be catastrophic. Electrical discharges such as arcing, tracking or corona are all potential for equipment failure.When these discharges occur they produce Ultrasound. The survey will identify these faults before they progress to a serious level thus reducing catastrophic failure risk, downtime and associated costs.

The survey is carried out without interruption to supply and does not require access to exposed live parts. Surveys are best carried out in advance of planned maintenance shutdowns (problem areas to be addressed at shutdown will be highlighted) and at intervals between planned maintenance on the high voltage electrical distribution system.

Faults found during surveys will be highlighted and recommended corrective actions advised in the survey report.